Gotta see it!

If there’s only one more show you ever get to see in your lifetime, make sure it is Cirque de Soleil. (And, no, they aren’t paying me to advertise.)

We saw Varekai last week. It is the latest offering from the Cirque de Soleil company to tour to Sydney and boasts aerial trapeze artists, contortionists, kossack dancers and tiny little children throwing things high into the air, flipping across the stage and catching them again!

The energy is electric. The costumes are astounding and the tricks those artists can do with their bodies bend your mind! (I could hardly climb over the back of my seat into the aisle and the girl on the stage was putting her feet next to her ears…) Just when you think they have exhausted the possibilities for one stunt, they manage to top it again and again.

What I most appreciated about it, though, was the depth of emotions that were part of the show. There’s a real sense in which I don’t allow myself to experience intense joy, passion or sorrow in my daily life because it’s all a little too difficult, messy and time consuming. I found myself very moved by the emotional abandon of the performers.

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