All things are possible!

Veronica KilrainVeronica Kilrain is a 37 year old mother of four, living in Perth, Western Australia. She's currently writing a book about living a prophetic life and blogs at All things are possible. Some of her answers to my questions were surprising! 

1.What was a defining moment in your childhood that contributed to the person that you are today?

Becoming a Christian at 9 years of age. ( I saw 2 big angels that came and introduced Jesus Christ to me).

2. What are the one or two significant relationships in your life at the moment? How did they get started?

My friend Theresa who met me in a cafe and we were introduced by mutual friends. Theresa encourages me in many ways, especially as a prophetic person and also in living a healthy lifestyle. Another significant relationship right now is with my daughter. She is nearly 8 years old and we are very close, we share each others thoughts and treasure every moment we have together while she is living under our roof as a child.

3. Have there been moments of 'glory' where things seemed to be illuminated or brilliant for you? What caused them?

I was at a U2 concert and had a lightning bolt moment. I looked at what a rock group who are pretty average looking, but incredibly talented could achieve and went out the very next day and bought Richard Branson's book, screw it, just do it! That spurred me on to start my writing jounrey and to pursue a Christian Ministry in the area of media.

4. Have there been times when you've felt you couldn't go on in life? How did you/are you coping with those?

My marriage was very challenging around the 5th year. We had no children. I became very depressed and inward as I so desperatly wanted a child. My husband refused to have a vascectomy reversal. It was a difficult time. A very dear friend counselled me through this dark time in my life. She would pray with me over the phone when I was extremely depressed.

5. What inspires you?
The Vision I have for my life to have my own television chat show. To live a life of Sigificance on the earth, that when I leave, people will know who I was and that my name would be famous as a passionate lover of God.

6. Are there people you particularly look up to or hope to emulate or who have shaped your life?

Princess Diana. Her vunerability and ability to connect with the masses was a big deal to me growing up. I loved all her pretty dresses too. I don't really look up to anyone to be honest. I glean ideas all the time. I admire Queen Elizabeth, for her fortitude, hard work and consistancy. Plus, I was in awe of the glow on her face when I saw her in Perth last year. I would call it a special anointing from God.

7. If you had a 'wish list', what would be on it? Things, people, places, qualities etc?

My wish list, would be made up of many hearts. That every person that I ever met, would know and feel the love of God. That no-body would ever feel rejected by me, and that I would have the capactity to love everyone I ever met with the love that God has for them. (that is ridiculously ideal, but that is my wish list).

8. If you could pass on one piece of advice to someone younger than you, what would it be?

Follow your dreams! Go with your heart and don't let anyone hold you back from what you know to be true and right for you on the inside.

9. Do you have a favourite place or scene?

I love anything to do with water. Rivers, creeks, the beach, lagoons and Beautiful sunsets.

10. Can you describe yourself in a few words or sentences?

Expressive, transparent, firey, warm, loving, creative, sensitve and prophetic person.

11. Is the job you do something that you like to do? Would you prefer to do something else? How did you get started in what you're doing now?

I love being a Mum! It's the best job I have ever done. I am also starting out with my writing business. I feel like I have found what I have always wanted to do. Like I've come home.

12. How has your journey of faith taken shape over the years?

Turbulent! My jounrey of faith has been a roller coaster ride! I've had to unlearn so much stuff, especially how I thought that God viewed me based upon my fluccuating performance. I now understand that He is the person of Grace, and it's His perfection that qualifies me.

13. If you argue with someone, what do you normally argue about?

I'm a justice person. If I see someone being unfairly dealt with, or if something is being said, that is rubbish, I will speak up passionatly. I cannot stand mediocity.

14. Two things that make you really angry.

Being mis-understood/mis-represented makes me angry. Lies make me angry.

15. Two things that make you really happy.

Hugs from my husband and kids make me happy. Beautifully wrapped and carefully chosen gifts make me really happy.

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