You've got to get worse before you get better

If you'd asked me two days ago how Bright Eyes was going, I would have been despondent and depressed. He was yelling, angry and scripting madly.

The past 48 hours, however, have been a very different story. Today I had a much brighter eyed (literally) little boy, who was enjoying interacting with me and communicating much more dynamically than before. His understanding has gone up a notch as well.

We had this lovely conversation this morning:

Him: "Can animals go in the bus?"
Me: "Well, I don't think a giraffe could go in a bus. It's too big! It wouldn't fit."
Him: (thinking) "A baby giraffe fits."
Me: "Yep. A baby giraffe is much smaller. It could go in the bus."
Him: "And a dog. And a cat. They fits."
Me: "What about a bear? Do you think that would fit?"
Him: "No!!! A baby bear can go in."

That, my friends, is a great example of dynamic communication! Yay yay yay!

So what's changed? I'm not very sure, but I think it's down to a few things:
- prayer support
- wearing off the effects of Easter chocolate
- new homeopathic dose taking effect
- getting rid of clocks and Thomas

One of these? Or a combination? Who knows!!!