Getting emotional in movies

Kieran Culkin plays Matty Banks, the little brother in Father of the Bride.My children take turns to pick what they'd like to watch on TV after dinner. Tonight my 12 year old daughter chose Father of the Bride, a good ol' Steve Martin flick with some classic comedy as well as some tearjerking moments.

I was expecting to hear a lot of complaints from Bright Eyes, who would much prefer Cars 2 or something equally noisy and boy-oriented. However, he seemed to sit through it pretty happily with no loud groans.

Afterwards my daughter told me that he actually cried at one point in the film.

"Really?" I said, astounded. 

"Yes," she said. "It was when the little brother was talking about missing his sister. Bright Eyes started to tear up sitting next to me."

I was amazed.

"He started crying once when I told him the story of Harry Potter and how his parents were killed," she added.

I was more amazed!

Tearing up is great. And if nothing else, it shows that the sound therapy on the left ear/right brain which is supposed to help him feel more emotions. 

I've never been so happy about soppy movies before in my life!