Would bungee jumping change you?

I'm watching the Amazing Race, only because there's nothing much else on telly tonight. This week the contestants have to bungee jump off a breathtakingly high bridge to get their next clue.

My husband just asked me, "Would you do that?" with this incredulous tone in his voice. And yes, I think I would. I probably wouldn't make it my life ambition, but if I was in a situation where I needed to, I'd definitely step up.

Every contestant is utterly terrified before they jump. But when they come up again, they are completely high. It's a total buzz.

Would it be life-changing?

I wonder if being able to trust a rope around my feet might make me more able to trust God?

Would it make me more free, more unconcerned, less worried about the small things? 

Would it inspire me to love more generously, give more quickly and stretch myself more readily?

Who knows? Maybe I should go do a bungee and find out.