Jordan Worner at Love, Tears & Autism launch

'Love Is Reaching Down'
Jordan Worner 2011

Sung at the book launch of Love, Tears & Autism

I've been looking for perfection
But the truth is I just fall
Taking life into my own hands and failing
Can it be that I wasn't living at all?

We're all broken
We're all stumbling 
But there's Hope to be found
If we're willing to believe it
Love is reaching down

You weren't looking for perfection
You just want my heart, and I believe
The price is paid, we have a living Hope of Glory
Singing by His Grace, lift Him higher in this place

Love will inspire, take you higher
Let you be the soul that you were always made to be
And there's no need for fear of failure
'Cause the nails have won our victory
Yes we are free

Even when we're broken
Praying hoping
We'll get through somehow
We have a peace that's greater, a loving Saviour
He will lift you out

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