Jumping up and down like a little kid

I've found myself doing this more than a few times in the last few weeks. Jumping up and down like a little kid, I mean. It's been a very exciting month. 

Lots of the excitement has come from the publication of Love, Tears & Autism, which finally made it to print and into my hot little hands two weeks ago. 

From there, I got to go on Hope 103.2 radio with Katrina Roe to talk about it (check out the podcast here) and then had a book launch last night at Koorong Books.

It was very humbling to have 30 or so of the many wonderful people I'm privileged to know and love come to support me and my book. And it was very humbling indeed to have two beautiful women, Libby Scherrer and Kate Hurley talk about what the book is going to mean for other families who find themselves living with autism. 

Jordan Worner provided us with a warm and hopeful song about love in broken times and Pages Cafe put on some delicious catering.

Of course, I completely forgot to take any photos of the event, so I'm going to have to get my shutterbug father to take pity on me and share his snaps. In the meantime, here's one I found with Jordan and Jemilla his sister. More soon, soon...

Thank you all. And thank you God. And I really hope this book will be an encouragement and a source of comfort for lots and lots of families.