Cecily Paterson is the author of several non-fiction Christian books for adults, including her award-winning memoir, Love Tears & Autism.


I'm sad and I need cake, 2014

What do you say when your friend’s baby dies? What do you say when her second baby is tragically stillborn? Is there any ‘right’ way to respond to grief? And when you’re the one who’s suffering, how do you get through the day? And What do you say to the God you follow, the God who could have prevented such tragedy? 

Hannah Boland and Cecily Paterson wrote letters to each other for a year, beginning the month after Hannah’s second baby’s funeral. This candid Christian correspondence is sometimes tragic, sometimes wry and often awkward. But it is always honest, and always looking for the way forward. 

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Love, Tears & Autism, Ark House Press 2011

A memoir of the five years after my son's diagnosis with autistic spectrum disorder. I couldn't find the right book to read to give me practical help, emotional support and spiritual solace, so I wrote it. A reader has called it 'the greatest love story' he's ever read. Read it if you have a child with a disability, or if your friend or family member lives with autism. Or just read it if you like a good real life story where God's grace shines through.

Love Tears & Autism won third prize in the Australian Christian Book of the Year (ACBOY) awards in 2012. 

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The Road Once Travelled, Matthias Media 2010.

This book was co-written with Mark Gilbert, for anyone who is considering leaving the Catholic church. Sadly, more and more people who have been Catholic for years are becoming non-attenders at church. Mark reminds them not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Jesus still meets their needs, even if the church doesn't appear to.

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Friendship, published by Cecily Paterson 2013 

Friendships should be easy, right? You like someone, they like you, you get on. End of story. But what happens when things don’t go like you think they should? You’ll find answers to your most asked questions, tips on how to start conversations and a look at some of the notable friendships in the Bible. Great for youth groups.

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Never Alone, SPCK 2006, by Cecily Paterson

David was a very sick four-year old orphan in a Palestinian hospital, dying of measles and pneumonia, when he was found by Lora Claydon, an Australian missionary. She rescued him and became his guardian but their life together was neither peaceful nor easy as they literally dodged bullets and escaped destroyers on their way back to Australia in wartime. David grew up lonely and disconnected, never knowing who his parents were, or where he came from, but he knew God's love from an early age and held onto it for all he was worth. Together, David and Robyn have had a tremendous international ministry through Scripture Union, the Lausanne movement and CMS.

Never Alone was shortlisted for the Australian Christian Book of the Year award in 2006.

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300 Stories

A pet project of Cecily's has been to collate a series of personal interviews, based on the idea that everyone has a story to tell.  

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