The story behind 'Smart girls don't wear mascara'


The 'real' characters in SMARt GIRLS


I was watching my son perform in a multi-school primary choir festival and my eye kept being drawn to three little girls standing towards the front, singing their hearts out. 

They were tall, so they were obviously in Year 6 and from the way they were standing, I could tell the middle girl was clearly the leader of the group. 

It made me curious. How did their little group work? The middle girl had a much stronger personality than her friends and I wondered if they followed along because they really liked her, or because they were a bit scared. 

Then, a few rows up, I saw another little girl whose face just said, "Write about me! Put me in a book!" I immediately imagined what would happen if she came new to the school the first three girls attended. How would they get on? What would the dynamics be? 

In the end, I couldn't get them out of my head, so I decided to turn them into a story. 

Read the first chapter here.