Cecily Paterson is an author, freelance writer, publisher and editor.

Being an author is my childhood dream, which, like most childhood dreams, doesn't yet pay very much. (They say you become an 'overnight success' after 10 years of hard slog. I'm a little over halfway there.)

Being a freelance writer and editor gives me a chance to hone my skills, make a little money, and help someone else to follow their childhood dream (or sell their product, and hey, I'm into that, too.) If you're into writing, or want to be into writing, or know someone who wants to be into writing, check out my other site: Red Lounge for Writers, where it's my great delight to teach and encourage newbie writers how to get those words on the page.

Being the publisher of the most gorgeous Bible-verse colouring books and cards on the entire global market is my delight, privilege and ministry. Not only do I get to bring Words That Matter and Art That's Great to people who appreciate them (and it) but I also get to use the rest of my time to continue to follow my childhood dream of being an author and writing stories about girls and relationships and other very important 12 year old stuff.

Other things you need to know. I'm a Facebook kinda girl. Twitter, not so much. Instagram a little bit. The days between Christmas and New Year you'll find me on my bed, ignoring the housework and the (four) kids, reading the latest Lee Child thriller plus any other books I can convince people to buy me.

In normal life, I work while the kids are at school. I exercise reluctantly, I read voraciously, I teach Sunday school uncomplainingly. I play my cello badly, but enthusiastically. I also like patting my dog. A lot.

Also, this: I'm not from here.    

Never have been, never will be. And it doesn't matter where you put me or how hard I try. I'm a Third Culture Kid, a mixture of foreigner and alien and home country passport holder, with a variable accent depending on context.

Root-growing and home-finding are two of the things I think about and write about on my poor long-suffering, nearly-abandoned blog, as well as all kinds of relationships and communication, autism and my never-ending battle with clutter and tummy fat. Oh, and how God fits into all of the above*.

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Portrait photography on this site by Marieke Jacobs

*And just for fun, this is where I go for a guaranteed belly laugh...