People and chocolate

When I arrived at preschool to pick him up today, Bright Eyes was happily sitting in a huge bin in the sandpit. He was up to his armpits in sand, with another little boy busy filling up the bin to completely cover him. The two of them were delighted with their progress together.

"Mum. Look at me. I'm in it. He's doing it," sang out Bright Eyes. We had a great laugh. (I wasn't laughing quite so much when I poured a cupful of sand out of his shoes later...)

He had a great social day today. I was delighted to see that lots of children said goodbye affectionately to him today. And I've noticed a couple of other good interactions with children in the last week.

We were in a playground this week and he saw a little boy about two and a half years old. I saw him look at the boy, point to my husband and say “My dad”. Then he pointed to me and said, “mum”. It was as if he was saying, “Hey, those are my parents.”

On another topic entirely...

In order to be less rushed in the morning, we are getting up ½ hr earlier so we all have more time to do what we need to. We also have time to do what I’m calling “Chocolate family jobs”.

So far, it’s just been unpacking the dishwasher. All five of us go to do it. Then afterwards, we all have a family hug together and get a small piece of chocolate.

Four out of five days Bright Eyes has not liked it but I got a little dump truck involved and put dishes in the back of the truck and zoomed it to him across the kitchen. Yesterday, he got up from breakfast saying, "Let's do chocolate jobs!!" and worked really hard.