Our regular prayer points

Thanks for praying for Bright Eyes. It’s been a while between updates and I’m really happy to say that he’s made some good progress in these couple of months.

Food: He’ll eat better quality sausages, corned beef and eggs now! Plus I’m getting vegies into him through juices and surreptitious zucchini bits in his home baked raisin toast.

Toilet: I was going to ask you to pray about this, but didn’t get to it. In the meantime, he has become mostly toilet trained! Hooray! This is a huge step.

Clothes: He has become a weeny bit more flexible and will wear a couple of shirts with designs on them. This from the child who has only worn plain colours for more than a year is fantastic.

Demeanour: A few less tantrums, and we are getting better at dealing with them and not overreacting ourselves. This week we’ve seen him start to say “Good talking Mum” instead of “Stop talking Mum!” which is a nice change.

Friends: He has begun to be slightly more sociable and interested in making friends and playing... not all the time, but enough to make a difference.

God is very good.

Our prayer requests for this month are:

Siblings: He gets on well with his sister, but the baby is another story. The two of them are continually at each other. Bright Eyes has been seen to just reach over and headbutt his brother for absolutely no reason that we can see!

Bowel: This area of his body has a big effect on his brain, and it’s still not healthy. I’m heading to the homeopath again next week to see what we can do about it.

RDI therapy: He needs to be able to coordinate more with us and participate in general activities. And we need to maintain our focus and keep communicating effectively with him.

Thanks everyone. We really appreciate it!