Talking about... what?

I often share the cute (or coherent) things Bright Eyes says on this blog. The reason is that they are reasonably few and far between. We were outside today on the swing set and this was his conversation to me for about five to ten minutes.

“I’m Sam, You’re Elvis. Elvis! Elvis! Sam and Elvis. I’m Sam, You’re Elvis. (mutter) Sam, Sam... (louder) I’m going up. Up. Up. Mum! I’m going up there. I’ve got my blue and yellow. My blue and yellow and black. Hmm. Who’s that? Mum! Who’s that up there? You’ve got mumble mumble car. Red car is fixed. Black car is broken. Mum! He’s got a broken wheel. He’s got an ouchie. Mum! I’m Sam. I’m Sam. (not looking at me but clearly telling me to get off the swing) Get off, Sir. Sir. Sir. Get off. Let’s get off the fire truck. [Me: No. I want to stay on.] Let’s get off together. Let’s stay on. Wee-oh-wee-oh-wee-oh. We’re doing it. Sir. Red and blue and yellow and black...”

I know that most of the time he was talking about Fireman Sam (a lovely British kids TV program), but its hard to join in with the game sometimes because he has a strict way he likes to play it. There are days when I tune out...