Forward, rewind, forward, rewind, forward, rewind

Watching Bright Eyes throw an enormous wobbly this morning because we were travelling to preschool in the black car rather than the red car, reminded me of listening to a CD which has a glitch and keeps hopping forwards and back.

"Noooo black car. Nooo. GO away Mummy."
Come on, sweetie. Calm down. Off we go to the car. I'll pick you up.
He came willingly when I carried him, but as we went down the steps, he couldn't cope.
"Jump off the bricks! Jump off the bricks!" (This is something he needs to do when we go out of the door.)
Heading to the car quite happily, then all of a sudden,
"nooo black car. Noo." Runs back to the top of the step.
"Jump off the bricks!"
"No black car..."

If I hadn't been stressed out by it, it would have been an interesting exercise to watch him switch madly between his obsessive thoughts.

In the end, we were going to be late, so I had to pick him up and plonk him in. He took about 15 minutes to calm down at preschool.