Ups and downs

This morning Bright Eyes woke up in a mood which meant that I spent most of the morning soothing and comforting. Everything was an issue - breakfast, clothes, undies, music... The mood continued over much of the day.

When I put that together with a sick-ish two year old who also needed soothing, and a husband who was ill himself, it didn't make for the greatest day ever. Plus the SCD carrot cake recipe I tried out wasn't a huge success.

On the upside, however, the honey lollipops I made yesterday were a winner, even though they got slightly scorched in the pan.

And I had a conversation with Bright Eyes, in which I think he actually understood some things.

I had to go out for an hour to the School Council meeting in the evening. When I got back, he asked, "Where are you?"
Me: "I went out. I went to school."
Him: "Go get Maddy and Bronte?" (two little girls I pick up once a week)
Me: "No, I went to talk to Mr Neal."
Him: "You went out. You ran away. You runned away and hided."
Me: "Yes, I did. I went to school."