Fringe dweller

Although my two year old is not the subject of this blog, he features in my worries frequently.

I have been concerned about him for a little while. He’s obviously not ASD from his social skills, and I owe a lot to RDI for helping me to recognise his good referencing and checking. However, I think his speech is slow, his bowel motions and picky food habits remind me of Bright Eyes, plus he has a clear milk intolerance.

I thought he might need testing for intolerances so that I could get on top of whatever gut issues he has and increase his rate of normal development, so I went into the GP a few months ago to ask her for an allergy test. She wrote a referral to the allergy clinic of the best children's hospital in the state, which is where I drove (1.5 hours) today.

The first thing I said to the paediatrician was “I’ve got an ASD boy, and I’m concerned about this child because I know there’s a brain/gut connection and diet plays a big part in autism, and I think he has some allergies, plus a few gut issues the same as my ASD boy.”

She said straight away, “Well, you know that research has been completely debunked. Are you talking about Wakefield’s study? He was pulled in front of the Medical Board and given a dressing down. He’s lost all credibility.”

I was completely flummoxed and said, “I don’t know who’s done what research, but there’s a lot of stuff out there that says there is a huge connection between gut and brain and diet is really important.”

“Well,” she said, “there’s a whole lot of stuff on the internet and you can’t believe everything you read.”

At that point I started to cry. I spent the rest of the consultation in tears, and in the end the doctor asked more questions about me than the baby, and even suggested I go to a psychiatrist for my depression.

I was too polite to tell her that I was crying because she completely rubbished everything I have learned and put into action.

I have spent sooooo long doing research and reading, and I have put in so much energy implementing diets and keeping Bright Eyes from eating stuff he would like to eat. And I have seen results. And then I have a doctor tell me there's no proof and it's bad medicine.

I feel like I am on the fringe... again.