Shower boy

Bath times have been hit and miss in our house for years. Some days Bright Eyes is ultra-happy to hit the suds. Other days he refuses long and loud.

Last night my eight year old daughter was (as always reluctantly) taking her shower when the already naked two year old baby decided it would be fun to go in and join her.

I said to Bright Eyes who was just down the hall (having already refused to take his bath), "Hey look! They're in the shower together." He was curious and came to have a look. I could see the gears clicking and a minute later he said, "Me too!"

Quick as a flash I whipped his clothes off and shepherded him towards the shower door. He got in tentatively but in about a minute he was having so much fun with the other children, I just had to take a photo!

Positive things: He chose to do it after I pointed it out to him. He joined a joint activity that looked like fun. It is running water!!! He has never done it before.