Dentist! We went to the dentist to get my tooth fixed. I parked the little boys on chairs with a box of chips each while I got done, and they were beautiful (the boys, not the chips). Bright Eyes has been playing dentists with his sister, so he was interested in the chair and had a ride. He knew to go up and down, lie back, open his mouth and say ah, and then 'rinse and spit'.

I managed to cut his hair! He sat on the bench with a tape playing and was completely still while I trimmed around the ears and back. I didn't make a big fuss of it, just grabbed the scissors and began.

Eggs! He ate three of them for dinner. That makes me feel better about the week's nutrition. Plus I've been getting coconut kefir (a pro-biotic) into him via his juice and water.

Shopping! He was a great helper in the weekly supermarket trek today.

Poo! Not what you want to read about, but he had a normal motion yesterday. Wow. That's about the first one in a year.

Quite a few transition tantrums! I counted six of them all up. I did have a success with getting him out of one of them though. He was screeching "Noooo" at me. He wasn't too upset yet, so I imitated his face and his voice and screeched back at him "Noooooo?" and then gave him a silly look. It was as if he realised how ridiculous his yelling was. He stopped, smiled and then changed his voice and face to ask for what he wanted nicely. My goodness!