I haven't spoken much yet about the homeopathy that we've been exploring.

I began seeing our homeopath at the beginning of the year when my daughter was still coughing an unexplained bark, a year and a half after she started. We went through the children's hospital system and tried everything we could find to fix it, with no success.

A month of homeopathic treatments, however, and she was pretty much cough-free. I was amazed and asked "Can you do anything for Bright Eyes?"

She said she was still learning about autism but was willing to give it a go, so a few months later, we began a few doses of various potions. Up until two weeks ago, I would have said I wasn't sure any of them were doing anything, but the latest one has had some good effects.

For a start, his bowel movements have become normal. This is amazing for a child who has had squishy, icky, stinky poos for the whole of his four years. This is the effect that is easy to quantify because I can see it in his nappy.

Harder to prove are his improvements in comprehension and processing. He can answer more questions, he is expressing more opinions and he can process logic much more effectively and see connections between things that he missed before. I can see a lot of improvements even in the last two weeks (in between cranky periods) which I think I can put down to the homeopathy, in conjunction with RDI.

The homeopath is also the main encouragement for Bright Eyes to go on the SCD diet. I am currently still trying out recipes. Getting a reasonable substitute for crackers is my big problem, but we'll see how we go.