Tea and Tears on Thursdays

All last year my dear mother in law made it her business to be helpful to me and babysit both Bright Eyes and Baby on Thursday mornings.

I would drive them over to her place, dump them and rush out to the shops, where I would catch up on any business I needed to do (it was impossible trying to take Bright Eyes shopping) and then head on down to the local Coffee Club.

Every week for a few months I ordered an Earl Grey tea, a piece of toasted pistachio and cranberry loaf and sat down by myself. And every week in that cafe, I read a book about autism and I cried my head off.

It was a good time. It was a time when I gave myself permission to be really really sad about it all and to get rid of some of the tears which built up so easily. I read some things about grief in this period and one recommendation was to schedule in 'time to grieve'. I actually looked forward to my weekly hour of tea and tears at Westfield Eastgardens.