A shot of optimism

I like hanging out at Bright Eyes' preschool. I feel a little bit suspicious sometimes as I take my time signing him in and out and walk around trying not to look too aimless.

The reason is that I like talking to the teachers about Bright Eyes. It gives me a little shot of optimism in my week to hear that he's been happy, that he's done a painting, that he's played well with the trains, or the toys or sat through the group time quietly.

I find it easy to get a bit depressed about him the rest of the week. Even with all his improvements, he's still a child on the autistic spectrum and I still have to fight him to go in and out the door, and work really hard in his RDI therapy. Life ain't normal, no matter how well he's doing.

So it's really good to chat with the teachers who have spent time with him, and who really seem to care about him. They have a 'communication book' in which they write down what he's been doing during his day, which helps me too. It's wonderful to 'share' him with lots of people who are enthusiastic about him.