This week....

Bright Eyes has been loving getting naked! At any opportunity he'll strip off his clothes and come out to me with a huge smile.

I'm not unhappy about it because he's showing initiative in deciding to be without clothes, he's showing competence in actually getting said clothes off his body, he's showing good relationship skills in that he likes to come and show me what he's done, and he's showing a good sense of humour because he thinks its funny and he wants to share it with me!

He's also had a bit of original thought this week.

Him: "James is Mr Green and Red and Yellow" (referring to the colour of his clothes.) "I'm Mr Green and Red and Yellow."
Me: "No, you're Mr Blue!"
Him: "You're white" looking at me, wearing a white jumper.
Him: "You're snowman!"

And he's starting to connect the days of the week with our regular activities. This is not something I've been teaching him, as it would be too easy to let it become a script or mantra he just repeats. But he's coming out with the information himself!