sigh, oh well...

After some positive posts, I feel compelled to even out the balance and share about today's tantrum.

It's cold here in Mittagong, but even so, I have had trouble getting Bright Eyes to wear his warm jacket. He doesn't seem to want to understand that the unpleasant feeling when the wind blows could be taken away if he had the jacket on.

I noticed today at preschool he was wearing his jacket. So when we set out to take older sister plus two friends to Kids club down the road this afternoon, I thought I would make him wear it.

It didn't work.

Picture me with a baby in a pram plus three other children and a bag of library books getting out the door with Bright Eyes yelling at the top of his lungs, "Jacket Off Jacket Off Jacket Off!" He wouldn't walk, so I carried him kicking and screaming, whilst pushing the pram, across two roads and up to the meeting hall.

The little girls were very helpful but slightly overawed by the fracas. I sent them in while Bright Eyes, jacket off by this time, headed behind a large bush and melted down for a while. We (baby and me) stood and waited until he calmed down a little and ran into the Kids Club hall, which is a place he loves to go every week.

From that point, he was fine. We went to the library as normal. And the jacket stayed off. The next bout of kicking and screaming came on for bathtime...

I got home sick of the whole thing and more than slightly frazzled.

How do they get that jacket on at preschool?