You might be interested to know where we're at with supplements and medications right now.

Here's the daily routine.

He has digestive enzymes with his meal.
He has 3 ml of a homeopathic chelation therapy and 5ml of zinc drops in his glass of filtered water.
He takes a kiddies' vitamin supplement.
I spoon on a couple of blobs of goat kefir (like yoghurt) with his cereal and goats milk.

Digestive enzymes
In his tomato sauce, I mix a couple of capsules of Algotene, which is a nutrient supplement, based on seaweed.
I try to squeeze a couple of caps of fish oil over his food surreptitiously so he won't notice.

same as lunch
goat kefir for dessert, when he'll accept it.

In addition
I also mix his foul-tasting zinc undermethylation supplement with dairy free chocolate - he has a couple of bits a day.
He's currently taking a homeopathic remedy to try to clear his bowels.
He has a bath with epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) most nights.
After bath we squeeze on two capsules of evening primrose oil and rub into his back and tummy (omega6)

If I get all that lot in in one day... I'm a champion and I give myself some chocolate and go to bed.