Our prayer bulletin for August

Dear friends,

Firstly, many apologies. I lost my list through a variety of reasons including changing computers and basic incompetence and had to make a new one by going through the list of contacts and trying to remember who had said they wanted to be on! If you’re not on and you’re reading this on the web... let me know if you want to be back in the fold!

Thanks for your prayers. After I sent out the last prayer bulletin about six weeks ago, Campbell took a HUGE leap forward the very next day. His comprehension and speech was better, he was more settled and he was more independent. It was a nice ‘global’ answer to prayer.

Unfortunately, none of the specifics were answered! He still has not put his jacket on for me (and it’s 10C outside today) and vegetables have not touched his lips. He did actually put a couple of pieces of healthy chicken sausage in his mouth AND CHEW AND SWALLOW, but this remained a twice-only event and has not happened since.

His gains in comprehension and language have remained, but his settled behaviour took a dive after about two weeks, and for the last three to four weeks, we have had a lot of tantrums and uptight behaviours. As well, he has become bossy, bossy, bossy! It frustrates me because I just don’t know why it happens. And then when he improves for a couple of days, I don’t know why that’s happened either.

Our prayer points this month are mostly parent-focused because we both still find the hard, annoying days very draining, and because his progress, to a large extent, depends on our efforts and skills in therapy and diet.

· Pray for Cecily to have patience, creativity, energy, love and a flow of positive language through her head each day. Pray that I’ll be able to increase my therapy time, and successfully engage Campbell in day to day activities.

· Pray for Andrew to use the smaller amount of time he has with Campbell (due to work pressures) to good effect.

· Pray for us both as we undergo another week of Campbell’s assessment and parent training at the end of august. We need good ideas and good techniques for getting him to work with us every day.

· Pray for Jemima and James who both have normal frustrations with their brother. Ask God to help us all have a peaceful and harmonious family life.

· Oh yes, and pray that Campbell will be healed of the autism. (:

We really appreciate your care and concern for Campbell and us!