Vegetable success... sort of

I could tell you in detail about the six tantrums in the last three days, or I could focus on the positives instead!

It's true, we have vegetable liftoff! Kinda. I have been trying him out on fresh squeezed healthy juice at the local shops and he has happily gulped down a beet/apple mix a couple of times.

So I decided it was now time to get out the juicer again. Previously (about five months ago) I tried juicing for him, but he hated the noise of the machine and wouldn't drink the proceeds.

This time, however, he made the juice himself. He stood up at the bench in his apron, took the fruit and vegies, juiced them and then drank it all afterwards.

We put in beetroot, apple, carrot and a tiny bit of spinach. It was a beautiful red and tasted pretty fine! So today he has already had his daily quota of fruit and veg!!!

We drank it together with lots of eye contact and giggles and going on about how clever we were to make juice!

We also made a lovely gluten free loaf of raisin toast together. To a supermarket GF bread mix I added linseed/sunflower mix, sultanas, cinnamon, an egg and some grated apple. It worked beautifully. Next time I'm going to throw in some processed zucchini as well (skinned to avoid the green colour). He gobbled up the bread for lunch. It's the first time he's ever eaten any bread I've made for him.

I can see juicing and bread making being on our regular list of RDI lifestyle activities.

Feeling happy!