The baby brother

I've mentioned in this blog before about Bright Eyes' relationship with his older sister. They love each other and get on very well together.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for his relationship with his baby brother. They are rivals through and through. And sadly, most of the jealousy comes from Bright Eyes. I have a feeling that the baby wants to get on with his big brother. He makes overtures of friendship that are just not returned.

I cannot leave them together for more than a minute before I hear one of them (usually the baby) yowl his head off. When I go in I generally either find Bright Eyes holding the baby captive in a corner, or the baby launching himself onto Bright Eyes, mouth open wide, ready for a bite.

The baby is 22 months (I should really give him a name). I consider that he and Bright Eyes have equivalent relationship skills, and Bright Eyes is four! So it's almost like having twins - but twins that don't like each other.