Eggs and good things

Welcome to my life.

I am jumping up and down with a grin all over my face because.... Bright Eyes ate a piece of egg tonight.

It was only a 1x5cm strip of omelette, left over from his sister's dinner. I put it on his plate along with his regular sausage and a new innovation - star shaped rice balls. The rice stars were firmly rejected so I removed them, but the egg stayed on and got eaten!!!

Today was also a good challenge to the new 'calm down' routine following our RDA. We managed to get through the day with only a few little upsets which didn't last too long and didn't escalate into big icky things because I got the anxiety down quickly.

Another good thing: I have been spending about 40-45 minutes each day in lab time in the last few days. This is more than the required 30 minutes, and it's honestly because I'm enjoying it more. We are having fun and doing more complicated things and getting on well together. I hope I can get it to an hour a day over the next few months.

I have noticed an increase in Bright Eyes' receptive language. We had out his Bob the builder tool belt yesterday. (We took it to church for the working bee on our new building. He told the minister: "This is Bob Church.") I told him what each of the tools were, he repeated the word and we both had a turn using each one.

Then we played a game where he had the belt on and I asked for a tool by name. He looked for it on his belt, handed me the right one when he found it and I then used it to 'fix' a chair. We reversed roles - I wanted to see if he could use the name of the tools. He wasn't going that far, but he did use them correctly when I gave them to him.