Calamity at preschool today. Bright Eyes bit another child! They were queuing up waiting for iceblocks and he just bit the kid in front of him on the back!

Why? Wouldn't have a clue! Maybe his mouth just got restless. He wasn't provoked or irritated. He's never bitten before.

The preschool teacher jumped on the situation immediately and told Bright Eyes in no uncertain terms that this was unacceptable and he was making Keiran sad. Bright Eyes got the message, head drooping and lips pouting. Apparently he said sorry to Keiran and that was that. No major damage done. There was a slight reprisal incident a little later when Keiran tried to bite him back in a fit of vengenance, but that was that.

There was a good thing to come out of it (even despite my intense embarrassment when told about it). Bright Eyes was very clear about what happened and remembered everything, including the reprisal attack, which he was most upset about!

"What did you do today?"

"Preschool. I bite. Keiran. Bright Eyes teeth marks. Keiran back. Pauline said "No. Keiran sad." Bright Eyes say sorry Keiran."

"What else happened?"

"Keiran bite Bright Eyes! He bit me. Ow. Bright Eyes have an ouchie."