New things Bright Eyes has said this week:

- Negatives, such as "I didn't" and "It doesn't".

- He answered the question "How are you?" with "Good thanks." (Previously he just looked blank or said 'yeh'.)

- I've been trying to put his scripts or funny sentences into context by saying, "Oh, you're thinking about the video we watched," or "Oh, you did that with James." Today, while he was sitting at the table he said, "Balancing beanbags on my head." Then he looked up at me and said off his own bat, "I'm thinking about preschool".

- He has a new habit of saying, "Mum, stop it" at all points of the day, sometimes several times a minute. He means it as something to attract my attention I think, so I'm trying a few different techniques to combat it including; 1) ignoring it but looking up when he says something else; 2) replacing it with 'tickle me Mum' or 'I love you mum'; and 3) turning it into a silly song where I go "stop it stop it stop it mum, stop it mum, stop it mum, stopitstopitstopistopitstopitsotpi..." etc.

Nothing has quite worked yet. It can be very annoying.