count to 20

We've discovered a wonderful new way to get Bright Eyes transitioning more happily.

It came about when he wouldn't get out of the shower. Remembering that my current RDI objective is to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n, I said, "I'll count to 20 and then we'll turn off the taps."

I counted slowly and calmly all the way to 20, then reached in, turned the water off and took him out of the shower. He protested the first night. The second night he turned off the taps himself when I reached 20. The third night he happily turned off the water before I even got to 6.

I can now use the trick for anything I want him to do. "I'll count to 20 and then we're going to clean our teeth/ pack up the toys/ go inside/ get dressed..."

It also works for both boys when they are trying to share. Each is happy to have a turn with something, wait until I count and then hand it over to the other one for their turn.

It has backfired on me though. I was in the shower myself yesterday, hoping for a nice long hot soak, when Bright Eyes came in and counted slowly and deliberately up to 20. Once he got there, I had to turn off the water and hop out!

He was very proud of himself. "I counted for Mummy!" he said to his father.