We watched another RDI presentation from the RDIOS site last night. It was great - again. I'm pleased that there are eight of them, plus ongoing access to 'webinars' which are like seminars over the web.

I've always struggled with how to explain RDI to the people who ask about it. I um and ah and feel like I'm losing myself in technical words about guides and apprentices. So it was great to hear Dr Gutstein describe RDI simply as 'un-therapy'.

It's not 'therapy' if we understand therapy to be something extra or special or unusual. It's just helping the child learn normal child development. The difference is that we have to slow it down, break it down and do it in a quieter, more deliberate way. It's a second chance to do what everyone else does - grow and develop those relationship connections in the brain.

I love the term untherapy. It sits nicely with 'unschooling' which is my other latest interest.