Helping out

I took the three children away to the beach by myself this week while my husband was at a youth camp. (Clearly, I was feeling brave!)

I noticed that Bright Eyes is really starting to help me more and do more things with me. Over the three days he did little things like:
- took a bag in from the car when we arrived
- helped unpack the food box and put some in the fridge
- assisted in making the beds and then pulling the sheets off once we were leaving
- thought of and initiated a clean-up of his trains so that he could go to sleep on his bed.

This is all 'guide-apprentice' stuff in RDI language.

For anyone who thinks it sounds normal, the fact is that Bright Eyes has adamantly and loudly refused to do anything that even remotely resembles assisting or helping or doing something with someone else for most of his life. It has taken off for the better in the last few months.

I did also notice that he needs more time to himself than I thought. An outing in the morning and afternoon was too much. He can really only cope with one thing a day without getting into an anxious state.