Thanks for Buzz Lightyear and homeopathy

It's funny how different people have differing opinions about homeopathy. I have some friends who are quite shy of it for religious reasons, some who dismiss it as quackery and not within the bounds of 'real medicine' and others who embrace it to the exclusion of regular doctoring.

Having grown up with homeopathy all my life, I'm just fine with it. And since it managed to cure my daughter's chronic cough, I've been a little bit evangelistic about it. It's had a good effect on my husband's stress too just recently.

I have no issues taking Bright Eyes to the homeopath for treatment. I am always amused by the interesting questions our homeopath asks (eg. What kind of food does he crave? Is he afraid of storms? Are his hands sweaty? What position does he sleep in?) But her remedies seem to hit the mark.

This week he's been taking a more concentrated dose of whatever it is in the little bottle (phosphorus for the curious - but don't self-dose because this sort of remedy must be individualised), and I've definitely noticed his change of mood to generally happy and smiley instead of aggravated and frustrated. He still has 'his moments' but I have noticed a good improvement.

Tonight, for the first time ever in his life, he hugged his dad when he came home from work. And later in the evening, he was lying down and dad suggested he pray, so he said, "Dear God. Thank you for Buzz Lightyear and I found the backpack and the wing and fixed him up. I like flying toys. Amen." Wow!