Prayer update

I sent this out as an email a couple of days ago to the group of people who pray for Bright Eyes. (If you weren't on it, apologies. I have ongoing organisational issues with my name lists... let me know.)

Today it was as if all the prayers had been immediately answered! He was calm, happy and generally non-violent! Praise God.

Dear friends,

Thanks for praying for us and for Bright Eyes. Yes, we are still in Mittagong and will be for the year it seems. The money came through, so we don’t have to move. This is a big answer to prayer.

The beginning of the year has been pretty good for him. He has settled back into preschool reasonably happily and we have seen good overall progress in his abilities and comprehension. We had a great week in Sydney with his RDI consultant this month and were able to work out a number of obstacles that are in his way at the moment.

Our prayer points this month are:

- That he will stop yelling at his sister and hitting his brother. He seems to have developed a habit of directing all his frustrations towards his sister even if it is not her that has upset him. He yells “Now! Stop That! Right Now!” at her if he’s been upset in any way. Obviously, she doesn’t like this! He also gets nervous when his brother comes around and tends to yell or hit out at him. Clearly, this isn’t great for family peace...

- That his ‘scripted language’ will decrease. He engages more in normal conversations if we make a big effort with him, but he still enjoys repetitively talking to us using scripts from stories or videos. As he has a loud voice and demands attention with it, it can become pretty annoying. I’d like to see it decrease or at least become quieter.

- That Andrew and I will have creativity and energy for daily RDI therapy. We spend ½ hour a day in our ‘RDI room’ playing games and working on our objectives with Bright Eyes. Some days it is great. Other days I could think of a thousand other places to be...

Thanks again friends. We really appreciate your support and loyalty in this.