Prayer updates

I sent this out yesterday to our group of prayer supporters.

Dear gorgeous amazing friends and family who pray for Bright Eyes,

It’s been a while between prayer updates. One reason is that I managed to give myself RSI from... no, not sport or anything sensible... but knitting! I’m now able to type a little more, but this will be short!

I asked you to pray for his relationship with his sister. The day after I sent the email out, he stopped yelling at her and hasn’t done it since. It’s definitely improved their rapport! Thanks to God. Unfortunately things with his brother are still not fabulous, but I do notice less physical bullying and more pleasant playing in general.

This month I’m asking you to pray for the following (neatly packaged into three R’s. Even if you don’t get the RDI lingo, God knows, so just say the words and he’ll get it! (: )

- Both husband and I keep having to refocus on our RDI objectives. It’s an ongoing challenge for us. Pray that we’ll be creative and persevere every day in guiding Bright Eyes.

- Bright Eyes needs to develop more resilience in things that we want him to do.

- We are working on developing more relationship through our facial expressions. Pray that he’ll ‘be with us’ and connect using his face.

Thanks guys. Your prayers really do have effect. We certainly appreciate it.