Unfortunately I wasn't able to take a picture of this, but Bright Eyes actually put on.... wait for it... a pair of jeans yesterday.

For two years he has refused to wear anything but track pants, even in summer. Getting him into undies was a tomasha. But here we are and he's happy to wear jeans!

His little baby brother proudly announced, "I got jeans!" to me yesterday. Not to be outdone, Bright Eyes said, "I want jeans too." It was handy that I happened to have a pair just his size in the cupboard.

I decided I'd give him a go with some gluten as he's now been GF/CF for a year and a half. At first he was a little bit reluctant to try a sandwich ("it'll make me sick") but then he chowed it down. Unfortunately after two days with a lot of bread, he had quite a bad tummy ache and bowel movements, so we'll stick with the GF for now, with gluten allowed on special occasions like parties etc.

Still scripting constantly and driving us all nuts. However, we are seriously embracing 'ipod therapy' on the advice of our consultant. It seems to have made a small difference after a couple of days.