Feeling good

We've just returned from a week away with the family.

It was an interesting time. At the beginning of the week our relationship with bright eyes was seriously under strain. He just couldn't cope with the travel to Canberra and the touristy things we wanted to do.

I really felt depressed after this. It all just seemed too hard.

However once we settled down at a beach house things recovered. I even had one of the most exciting times ever with him. This was our conversation:

Him: "What are you feeling mum?"
Me: "I'm feeling a bit sad."
Him: "You cannot feel sad. You have to feel better."
Me: "I might feel better if I have a hug."
He comes over to give me a hug.

And if that wasn't enough, five minutes later he said again, "what are you feeling now mum?"

He has never before asked how I'm feeling or why or even seemed to notice what my emotional state is. Very exciting.