Lots of little good things...

This week has been pretty good. I've seen slow but steady progress in his comprehension and resilience.

In no particular order, a few things I enjoyed were:

- he helped me paint the roof of his engine shed. He did quite a good job too, looking for the bits which were still white and needed to be covered in red.

- another good day at preschool.

- playing quite nicely with little brother quite frequently.

- he got really excited about our recent bedroom rearrangement. He now has his own room, with his name on the door, lots of space for his trains and a little table and chairs for him to sit at. He's loved it and it has made our evenings a lot more peaceful as he's hung out there rather than in the lounge room.

- he was really into the drama (David and Goliath) at church last week. We have the good fortune to have a 6ft 9" man with amusing acting skills in our congregation. When he's dressed up in cardboard armour, he's pretty imposing and Bright Eyes was saying, "Don't let him get me!"

- he has turned off the TV himself, and left the computer by himself to come to the dinner table.

- he really wants to play with us all the time. He's always inviting us to come play with him. It's fun.

- We were playing trains one day and I decided to make it into a game where the trains became farm animals. Thomas was the farmer, Emily was a sheep etc. At first he wasn't into it and stayed literal and said, "No, it's a train," but he got the idea quickly and got into it. I don't think I've ever played imaginary farms with train characters before! We changed the trains into sharks and whales, helicopters and aeroplanes and cars. It was good fun and we had some great connection.