Birthday party success

birthday cake!

cutting the cake together

playing on the roundabout. Bright eyes in the middle.

We had a great little party for Bright Eyes today. It was held at a local park with a great roundabout. The sun shone, and we had a good time even despite the wind (which blew one whole bunch of my balloons away...).
Bright Eyes played with the children who came. We didn't have any games - just gross motor activity on the play equipment. He was great about sharing the roundabout and wanted everyone to get on and have a go together. He accepted presents and said thank you. He cut his cake and blew out his candles. He didn't complain at any point (even when the balloons flew away) and the only tears were because he fell over once, but they quickly passed. In fact, the only crying child I had was the youngest one who was jealous of everyone playing with his big sister.

It was a real success and I'm a very happy mother!

Two other pieces of progress today: he actually PUT ON HIS COAT to play. He has not put that coat on voluntarily for me for a year and a half. He started to protest, but realised it would actually make him warmer and on it went. Also - he is currently sitting happily in the bath. I got him in there merely by pointing out how grubby he was, and how he could take Brum in the bath with him. He said, "Can I have it warm?" and went straight into the bathroom. No manhandling, no carrying, no protests. Wow!!!