Autism. Hot legs

Wow - he has legs!

The temperature reached the mid-thirties on Sunday, so for about the millionth time in the last three years, I suggested to Bright Eyes that he would get hot in his regular track pants attire and that he might like to wear shorts. Usually he yelps in protest and sticks to his full-length strides, but this time...


Quick as a flash I leapt up the stairs to dig out the size 6 shorts I had hidden in his closet, awaiting this day. I pulled them out and bounded down to show them to him. He chose a very groovy navy blue pair and wore them all day. 

And it wasn't a one-off. He wore shorts again today, and has informed me that he will be wearing shorts to school on Wednesday. 

It's a pleasant surprise to look down every so often and catch a glimpse of his white little legs. I really don't think I've seen them in about three and a half years. 


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