Donut surprise

Of all the expensive kitchen appliances I've bought for the purpose of creating better things to eat for my picky food child Bright Eyes, the $17 donut maker from Big W has been the most successful.

The problem with a lot of gluten free cooking is that it just seems to crumble apart. I have not had good success with cookies and muffins. However, if you put the same batter in the donut maker it comes out so together you wouldn't even know it was GFCF.

Today's recipe is a lucky success: Zucchini and Banana donuts. Here's how I did it.

Peel (to get rid of the green bits for hiding purposes) and steam a zucchini. Whizz together with a ripe banana into a disgusting looking mash.
Cream 150g butter with 3tsp sugar.
Add the zucchini/banana mix.
Add one egg.
Mix in 1 tsp baking powder and about 3/4 - 1 cup of GF flour. (Honestly, I measured nothing, so I'm guessing. You need a relatively thick batter.)
Spoon into the donut maker and cook the donuts.
Ice with a thin coat of chocolate icing (just icing sugar, cocoa and water)

It might work in a waffle maker or small pancake maker too. The last batch of donuts had sweet potato in them, so you could try any type of pureed vegetable.

I'm pleased I made them with a banana because I'm not tempted to eat them at all, bananas being my least favourite food (besides liver).