Focus time

Big sister went off to art class and little brother was at daycare today so Bright Eyes and I had some really good focus time, working on our RDI objectives.

I thought it would be good to get out of the house for a bit, so we spent 1.5 hours hanging around town. We read library books, went to the bank, saw the train station, rode in the lift, went to the park, played trains and headed back to the library again.

Along the way, I kept commenting on things that looked like other things. "Wow - that building looks like our church a bit" or "This lift is just like the lift at the Powerhouse Museum" or "Oh, there's a camera just like Dad's."

This is to get him aware that he can compare familiar situations to new ones and find similarities with other things he knows already.

I did get two comments from him. One was about the park: "Oh, that looks like our garden," and the other about a red POST van we saw: "Oh, it's just like Postman Pat's van."

A second objective is about finding alternative ways to do things. So I kept introducing new ideas. "Hmmm, we could go this way and cross there, or we could cross here, and walk up there," or "We could read this book first, or maybe it would be good to read this one first."

It was a good time together and I think we are getting somewhere on the objective.