Show and tell

We took a morning to go to the local Show today. At first we were a little bit hesitant, knowing that Bright Eyes has not reacted well to fairs and museums and things like this in the past, but we decided to head out anyway.
He absolutely LOVED the rides. This child has no fear. Pictured here is the first ride, during which he yelled out to anyone who would listen, "I'm excited about this. This is really exciting!"
If he was excited then, it was nothing compared to the roller coaster he took on next with his big sister. I could hardly watch the ride for fear of nausea. Apparently he yelled "Stop!" a few times, but when he got off he was breathless... and happy! Later I asked him what he enjoyed the most, and he said, "The roller coaster."
He was anxious and uptight and fairly loud and bossy because of all the excitement, but we were able to take it as over-the-top nervous energy from the stimulation, rather than treat it as bossiness. He did calm down in the end, and we ended up having to leave not because of his needs, but because his big sister was feeling sick... from the ride!