Autism. Week Two, Day Two

Bright Eyes fired his teacher today.

She asked him to sit down at one stage and as he did so, she distinctly heard him say under his breath, "You're fired."

I'm not surprised. He fires me and the rest of the family with predictable regularity. My response to it is, "You'll never replace me, kid. Not with the wages I get paid."

Actually, Bright Eyes is very inventive with his insults. Last night he told me (as we were having a disagreement) that I was too old. He wanted a 'new mother'. I asked him where he would get such a thing, and he told me 'from the new mother shop'. 

His protests about church and school usually include him saying, "It's locked. It's closed. It's disappeared. It's melted. It's not for boys..."  People he's angry with need to be 'covered with sharp sticks', 'eaten by sharks' and either 'covered in ice' or 'melted'.

However, I notice that he's turning positive too. Today he felt happy towards me and said, "You can be covered in butterflies that kiss you." What a great thought!

ps. school transition today went well. We followed the same routine as yesterday with different jobs on the do-list, and the trip to the lolly shop. He protested mildly as we crossed the road, but headed into class, even stopping to remember to take his hat off and hang it on the hook. PTL.