Autism. Melatonin is a wonder drug

For those of you to whom this is old news, apologies.

But Melatonin is amazing!

We ordered some in liquid form from the US (and ended up paying an extra $50 for quarantine duties so it wasn't really cheap) but it is like magic.

We hid it in apple juice and served it with dinner at about 5.30. At 7.30, two nights in a row, our wakey-boy who usually is still fighting us at 9.45 has been sound asleep. JJ also took some and fell asleep in front of a DVD.

What a difference it has made to our evenings. I felt so much happier the next day.

(By the way, it works on adults too. I gulped some down accidentally, and 30 minutes later I felt so sleepy I just HAD to go to bed. After an hour's rest it wore off though, so I did get to enjoy my evening. And the next morning I woke without that drugged out feeling that you get from other sleeping concoctions.)