Autism. Obsessions

Bright Eyes obsessions of the day are:

1) Spitting. Eewww gross. He can spit on demand, on target. He loves to spit on the heater and hear the sizzle. I nearly had a fit when I caught him spitting in the foyer, leaving globs on the floor. He will also spit on his hands and wipe his hair. I wonder which film that particularly beautiful habit came from?

2) THX. Don't ask me what it is or why. THX must be something like Dolby sound - it comes up as a mini-trailer before some films made by Pixar. It makes an interesting humming noise, and well, that's kind of it. But Bright Eyes loves it and has dubbed the lounge room 'The THX room' and has found an equivalent humming noise on the keyboard. The ONLY thing good coming from the THX is the fact that he actually picked up a pen and started to draw the letters THX on some paper. Fan me, I think I'm about to faint...