Autism. birthdays and toots

Bright Eyes turned 6 last week! I cant quite believe it.

He had a great birthday. He was calm, happy, and centred most of the time. His favourite present of course was his Brum car, but the tintin comics were also very popular.

I would love to post a photo of his Brum cake, but sadly the card reader for that particular camera is out of action right now.

We've had a bit of hassle since then with toot training. I don't want to be too explicit or embarrassing for him, but let's just say he has never done a number two in the porcelain bowl. Nappies are his preference, but he has been saying for months, "When I'm six I'll do it on the loo." 

Unfortunately for him, the time has come, but even though his conscious mind is saying 'yes', his anxious mind is saying 'NO NO NO NONONONONONONO!'

So for you praying people out there, a little bit of toilet-directed prayer would go a long way... 

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