Autism. Assembly blues

We went across to school assembly today hoping that Bright Eyes would be in a good state and prepared to participate in his class's version of We're Going on a Bear Hunt, which he was very keen about in the practices.

Unfortunately by the time it came on, he had had enough waiting and had walked out followed by his ever-suffering teacher's aide. I had a sense of foreboding that all could not be good and exited to find him throwing things in her face and saying terrible things to her. Not good.

We went up to the classroom and read The Cat in the Hat comes back, complete with parts. Lovely teacher's aide was The Cat. It was a good enough experience that he ended up saying 'goodbye' reasonably happily, but all in all, not a great period for any of us.

I was disappointed to not see him participate in assembly, but I guess the realist in me knew it wasn't going to happen. However, I did see him watching the first part of it with delight - his friends were doing a funny play about a giant - and he was enjoying it very much, so that was a small compensation.

For any other autism parents out there who read this: do you still feel like crying every day? I do often.

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