Autism. Two steps forward...

The pattern with Bright Eyes has always been two steps forward and one and a half steps back. So I'm pleased to announce that after six weeks or so of being on a downer, he has made some nice steps of progress in the last week.

Teacher's Aide: Hooray - the relationship is improving. They have had a few nice interactions and some mostly insult-free days (him to her, not the other way around!)

Church: He actually sat in church with me on Sunday, stayed until the children went out, and then stayed in the hall with the Sunday school classes the whole time. This has not happened since we've been here, and certainly not in the last two months.

Calmer: He has definitely calmed down. We've made it grocery shopping with no tantrums, he's able to self-soothe much more quickly when I remove him from a tricky situation, and I've noticed him repairing breakdowns in his relationship with Max much more quickly. Generally, he's an easier boy to live with. 

So... when he has a good day, I have a good day. And we all have a good day.

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